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IP Address issues


Note that every BlueBox must have a unique IP Address. If more BlueBoxes are connected to the Ethernet and have the same IP Address set, only one will be active. BlueBoxes using network connections must be located in the same Broadcast Domain.

Possible causes and solution

IP Address is incorrect

If you are using the ETH connection to the PC, confirm that the correct IP Address is entered in the Hardware menu / Hardware / Communication dialog.

IP Address is not accessible

If you are using ETH connection to PC, confirm that the IP Address is accessible from your PC.

If the communication test fails, there could be a problem with the IP Address, the Subnet Mask, the Default gateway address or the TCP Port. First, make sure the Subnet Mask is correct. The Subnet Mask should be the same in the TCP/IP Configuration of your computer and in the BlueBox. 

1. Run the command prompt and type in ipconfig. PC will return something like this:

Ethernet adapter Ethernet:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix  : <your local network>
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Enter the same Subnet Mask and the Default Gateway data in Hardware / Hardware / System Configuration dialog.

3. Make sure the IP Address is not already used by any other device:

i. Disconnect the BlueBox from the Ethernet.

ii. Run the command prompt and type in ping:

iii. <ip_address> is the IP Address selected when configuring the BlueBox. The result should be Request timed out. If the result of the command is anything else (e.g. Reply from…), the IP Address is already taken and you should select another one. 

3. If the result is correct, type in ping:

<ip_address>  -w 500 –t

This command pings the IP Address every 500 milliseconds until you stop it with Control+C. You should constantly receive the information Request timed out. 

4. While the ping command is running, connect the BlueBox and turn it on. A ping reply should occur, in the form of:

Reply from <ip_address> 

If this is not the case, the IP was set wrong. Try setting the IP again or select another one. If this is the case and the BlueBox still cannot communicate with winIDEA, the TCP Port setting is wrong. Please select another port, set it up in the BlueBox and in winIDEA, and try again. When the ping is not required, stop it using the keyboard shortcut Control+C. 

If ping can't reach the BlueBox, check:

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